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I would take this opportunity to introduce myself, [NAME] personally and on a broader spectrum. Just as the 21st century has dawned on the human race, our lives bare a testimony to the genesis of a new era in Research and Technology. I regard myself to be a part of this century and would be honored to pursue my career in this department. The wonders of science and the functioning of a human body always captivated my mind while I was a kid.

I completed [NAME of SCHOOL] i.e. [DATE] from [NAME OF SCHOOL] with 64.6%. My childhood fascination helped me opt for higher education. Hence, I completed my Higher Secondary Education in [DATE] from [NAME of SCHOOL] with 58.7% in Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry with addition to English). Right from the Elementary education to Secondary and then Higher Secondary, each one of them has been particularly metamorphic in carving the early years
of my life and my personality.

I believe that making a future in the subject you are fond of brings out the best in a person. Hence keeping that in mind, I have decided to study the Bachelor of Science course from Canada especially in the sub-fields of Biology i.e. Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Oncology, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences which on the long run will provide immense job opportunities in the Research and Development department.

With my extensive research on where to study, I chose to study in [COUNRTY] particularly in [NAME of UNIVERSITY] considering its location in the dynamic metropolis city, [CITY]. So, I sent an application for the Bachelor of Science, Sciences course for the September Intake and luckily my application got approved. The course requirements set by the University were fulfilled by my overall score of 6.5 bands (L:7.5, R:6.5, W:6.5, S:6.0) in the academic IELTS test. Studying in an international environment brings about collateral challenges. The administration has given me a great opportunity to fulfill my motive and I express my heartfelt gratitude.


Family is the most important support system to survive in this thriving world. I come from a traditional family currently living in [COUNRTY]. My family includes a total of [NUMBER] members i.e. I myself, my Grandfather, Grandmother, my father, mother, and brother. My father has a business of … in a private company named as [NAME of Business] and besides that he also has a business of land broker. My mother is a housewife and manages to take care of the whole family. My younger brother is in the 1st standard and the younger sister is in the 7th standard. My family has taught me the attributes of sacrifice, courtesy, generosity, and the perks of togetherness. They have been very supportive towards my decision of pursuing my further education abroad.


The 21st century has brought upon the youths a better thriving opportunity to survive into this world. Science and technology has been on the uprise ever since hence providing immense employments. Science is about a whole lot more than that and to sum it up it is a way of helping the brain grow in seeking new knowledge and to defeat our curiosity of how a microparticle to a macro-organism works and functions today. Hence, driving me towards the Bachelor of Science as a medium for my further education.

The Bachelor of Science is a 4-year undergraduate academic degree which mainly focuses on science and the technical-based subjects providing a balance between a defined sequence of study and versatile course options. A program in Bachelor of Science opens up a large range of career possibilities and serves entry to the various sub-fields. Hence, keeping that in mind I decided to keep my major Undecided further keeping the space to explore other options.
Sciences (Undecided Major) is a part of the 4-year Bachelor of Science course wherein it signifies the study of common subjects which in the deep helps in strengthening the tiniest interest in the sub-fields presented in the course. My decision to choose Undecided major was merely based on the eagerness to explore the various options which might throw light upon my glorious career and it has many career outcomes such as Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmaceutical research, and marketing Veterinary medicine Which can help me pursue my further future goals in my home country.


[NAME of UNIVERSITY] is one of top post-secondary institutions. Located in [CITY], [STATE], it offers all the benefits of a young and modern university in a safe, community-minded city with beautiful natural surroundings. It is home to many national as well as international students providing a suitable educational base for each and every student. The multi-cultured campus induces various qualities in a student pursuing his/her education there. The International Student Services at University are pretty extensive helping International students settle there and make them feel at home by providing counseling and guidance whenever required.

Moreover, the spirited college life and the sports facilities furthermore fascinate me to become a part of this University family. Located in [CITY], the largest city in [STATE] and the perfectly located campus. The city has easily accessible transport facilities and is connected from all throughout the world. Hence, for an International student like me, a university like this serves the best study base for comprehensive development.


International Studies is a trendsetting strategy for students all across the globe. [COUNTRY] is a well-established country developed in world-class education with most of its Universities making it to the top 500 (stats conducted by the university ranking). The mode of transportation, living facilities, availability of amenities is quite apprehensible and being a syncretic nation, [COUNTRY] brings in various languages, cultures, traditions from all around the world. Hence, exposing a student to them helping in molding their characters and bringing out their own ways to adapt to different circumstances. The [COUNTRY] education system not only trains a student to utilize his/her mental ability but also helps in comprehensive personality development. Being a high-tech nation, it provides exposure for a Science student like me to a complete different equipment and technology for the theoretical as well as practical aspect. All these perks makes [COUNTRY] my foremost choice to pursue my higher education.

Moreover, After completion of my Bachelor’s, I would like to come back to India and I plan to test the knowledge I will gain by means of an internship in my home country. Then if a particular discipline within my course interests me further, I’ll uptake a course in that field.


An International platform as prestigious as [UNIVERSITY] will serve as a perfect exposure to the thriving world molding me into a completely different person after the 4-year Bachelor of Science course. Majoring in the field that interests me the most will help to bring out the best in me as in job perspective.

Here with the study permit application, I am submitting my IELTS, All-Academics. I would like to ensure that my parents have sufficient funds to support my education. I have paid $[NUMBER] of the tuition fees as stated by the [University] and along with that I have also paid $[NUMBER] for Bank. Here, I enclose both the paid certificates with my study permit.

I hope you find all the documents in proper order and I am grateful to you for processing my Study Permit Application. Please let me know if you require any other documents.



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