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“Hoy más que nunca, la división en el judaísmo es muy clara con respecto a quién votar”

El martes terminaron las elecciones presidenciales en Estados Unidos y en unas horas más, se conocerá si el actual mandatario, Donald Trump es nuevamente elegido, o si su rival, el demócrata Joe Biden, gana la mayoría y logra que, luego de muchos años, un jefe de Estado se quede sin segundo mandato. Manes Kogan, rabino en Nueva York, se refirió al respecto.

Kogan señaló que “en Nueva York está todo bastante tranquilo” y subrayó que “la gente está esperando una definición para volver a la normalidad”.

“El día de las elecciones transcurrió con total normalidad en el país” manifestó el rabino y explicó que “por lo que pude leer, hubo protestas de ciertos sectores republicanos en determinadas zonas como por ejemplo Arizona” .

Kogan argumentó que “lo importante no es solamente quién gane sino la diferencia que obtenga con respecto al segundo” y enfatizó: “Me resulta molesto que el conteo esté frenado en el 95 por ciento de los Estados claves, ya que hay cierta ineficiencia, y porque Trump está intentando frenarlos con algunas medidas legales”.

“Hoy más que nunca, la división en el judaísmo es muy clara con respecto a quién votar”, destacó el rabino y concluyó: “El judaísmo liberal, que representa el 75 por ciento del electorado judío, votó mayoritariamente a Biden. El porcentaje restante votó a Trump; esos judíos son los ortodoxos, los israelíes, los sefaradim y ashkenazim que vinieron de la Unión Soviética y los liberales mayores de 70 años”.

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  • Gabriele Klein
    Gabriele Klein

    Looks like the very same scenario we had before WW2. Enlightened Jews assimilated into an evil society with the holocaust following right afterwards. Today we witness not just a difference of political opinion enlightened vs. unenlightened, but the end of civilization which rests upon those “unenlightened” Jewish values in the end.(just like in the olden days. Only difference between the paradises then and now is the colour. Then it was brown and about improving the human stock. Now it is “green” and about improving the climate requiring the Communist Party to do so. Very sad a considerable number of people who should know better play along and even finance it I studied in great depth the UN, its sponsors and its cronies, one being Achim Steiner, who commutes between the RNE cabinett of Merkel, the GDR ex-communist and propaganda specialist of old, the UN and the CCICED (environmental organization of China’s Communist party) In the latter he is Vice chair and in the UN he co chairs the various task forces deliberately set up to de-stabilizezie societies around the globe by taking up leadership roles in NGOs Just read the website of the UN by typing into google UN taskforces digital money, You will see that a strange transmutation from the UN as a peace mediater to outright activist has taken place. Steiner is quite frank about the plans in store, just listen to his presentation at the Martin school of Oxford. In addition check his Utopia on the 17SDGs. Now, how he wants to get there without sacrificing human rights and freedom remains an open question.As to Biden, he just reiterates Steiners gospel among others the one about green jobs that, according to Steiner may require to do away with technology to make work possible. Well there is only one thing more inhumane than being jobless and that is: doing completely superfluous any machine could do better. Its captured in a Jewish parabel I once heared: A prisoner worked for years blindfolded turning a mill and thinking he is productive. Upon being allowed to see that he turned a wheel without any outcome for years, he dropped instantly dead over the realization of the meaninglessness of his existence. Lets be frank, the Green dream is just a pretext for the red dream. Nobody could care less about the environment than Merkel who seemingly played a decisive role in the Paris agreement Biden loves so much and that took the detour via the UN department of A. Steiner to be finally submitted to the US. All this while cars made in Germany grossly violated American emission standards. Well Biden will get us indeed closer to a World bureaucracy run by the UN whose blueprint is nothing less than the European Union. How accurate the Bible is. That may well be the day when all nations will turn against Israel, possibly under Chinese/German leadership now running the UN . And, should Biden win, hopefully with American money, ( I am a German citizen, and have first hand experience with socialism by now with Germany being pretty much turned into a GDR2 and Europe run like the Warsaw agreement. Except for 2 author blocks they do not dare to touch because H: Broder happens to be a well known Jewish Journalist there is no free press in Germany anymore. I was censored as well on Merkel’s website for just saying what Time Magazine and Newsweek wrote re lack of border control. See also this. We donate for lawsuite after lawsuite to save what should be taken for granted, freedom of speech.


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